HS Forage Control is a specific solar wildlife forage protection system designed out of the consulting efforts of Dave Klein. As a production forage manager, you have to protect forage from costly over browsing. As a result of pure necessity comes the most advanced system available to the food plotter.

Most systems on the market... lack the ability to customize the system to the forage type, the animal type or the field type.

Most systems have tape that does not stand up to the direct sunlight and lack the strength to take the force put on the tape for long runs and larger fields. Compared to a 7 year UV warranty with extreme tensile strength. Additionally the FORAGE PREDATOR tape is a platinum tape resulting in a strobe light flashing effect that whitetail and hogs want no part of.

Most systems are difficult to manipulate and require undo assembly and maintenance.

Most systems sold for wildlife use steel strand in their tape and it rusts and breaks causing premature fence failure.

Most systems on the market use plastic cases on the solar charger and are not as tough as steel cases designed to be left outdoors.

Most systems are not a COMMERCIAL grade system with an included extended warranty.

When we developed this system we developed it for it's effectiveness over all other systems, little did we realize we could bring so much value to the food plotter and at such an affordable price. Many plantations, private properties and hunt clubs have replaced their current systems and have reduced costly seed and fertilizer costs.

Commercial Grade


Highly Effective