Habitat Systems has culminated a complete professional line of liquid fertilizers for the purpose of accelerating wildlife forage and providing the habitat manager with affordable, easy to use options at a reduced cost per acre over granular fertilizers. This professional line, now available to the public, carry's with it the attributes of both Bio-stimulants and the effectiveness of some synthetics. This type of system is called "spoonfeeding" and used by professional agronomists across the country for intense crop production.

Specific Liquid Blends

HS Soybean and Legume Special

Designed specifically for production of Forage soybeans, it has doubled usage on chicory/clover blends and stand alone for all other legumes where browse pressure is evident and crop production is necessary. It has year round usage characteristics, does not go to waste and is stable on all crop material. It can be sprayed out of all types of spraying equipment. It is a simple pour-n-spray product. Call for additional info and specs.

HS Annual & Grain Special

Designed specifically for production of annual grains, sunflowers, corn, wheat, millets, sorghums, for summer use and fall use for specific grains, wheat, oats, peas, brassicas, and fall blends. HS annual is a safe, non-burning production crop alternative to granular fertilizers. Call for additional info and specs.

Soil Alkalyzer

A unique liquid product similar to a liquid lime but having greater benefits than calcium based liquid lime products. Most products are hard mix and stay suspended in the spray tank. This product is easy to mix, stays completely mixed and gives you zero mixing problems regardless of the sprayer. A 2.5 gallon to the acre rate will raise PH 3/4-1 point within approximately 15 days. Affordable simple option especially if you did not apply lime in the early spring. Call for more info and instructions.

All Seasons


All Situations