Dave Klein - Professional Forage Consultant/Crop Advisor

Born in the deep South David Klein came from a world filled with sandy unproductive soils. As a young boy he developed an interest in how and why things grow. Most young boys made mud pies for the obvious reason's but Dave was a little different in that he enjoyed planting seeds in them and thought the coolest thing was to watch them grow. From those mud pies as a little boy, grew an interest that led him to an unrivaled passion for creation. Dave felt a sense of power and responsibility as his personal want to be a "grower of sorts" continuously brought him back to a career as a grower and researcher in the field. Dave was exposed to an enormous amount of trial-n-error as he worked with other growers and researchers. This idea of research meant to Dave that there was no barriers in perfecting processes' and coloring outside the lines became his reputation. Many times professionals would tell him, "you can't do that" but Dave proved them wrong! Dave's mentors shared the thought that if your worth your weight, then you should be able to GROW IT and SHOW IT!

In the early days, David Klein's career was focused on Forage agronomy and professional sports turf. Dave was relied upon heavily by superintendents of prominent golf courses and horticulture operations and was considered a go-to for all sorts of problems and answers. What separated Dave apart from others was his unique style of teaching in the field and his genuine passionate drive towards the perfect crop. Soon his peers gained respect for his experience and David Klein became a "trusted choice" grower. He believes that began his path into teaching others how to produce advance healthy soil.

Later, Dave gained valuable equipment knowledge as a professional consultant for the John Deere branded line of equipment. Exposed to more crop challenges than one could imagine all the while developing new types of equipment and processes for the grower to achieve forage results. If the seed combination or equipment was not available then Dave developed his own to produce the results he wanted.

In 2002 Dave, as a passionate hunter, took particular notice to a niche market of customers being plantations, food plotters and family hunting operations. He noticed that the local production agricultural supply stores did not take that customer segment serious and often times considered those customers a nuisance because they weren't big farmers. Dave and his family began in 2005 developing a plan to help those customers and began giving them the attention and products to match their land management desires.

Today Dave still actively plants and manages properties throughout the south and surrounding states. His drive has him still very involved in forage seed research and development of progressive systems that remain simple to operate from within. Habitat Systems has been a vehicle in which to leverage the way we turn dirt in to soil and teach responsible habitat management.

Grow It & Show It


"Trusted Choice" Grower